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Permit to Carry classes both new and renew.

Permit to Carry Class Info
A Permit to Carry class is scheduled for May 10, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Please register at the email below. Walk-ins are welcome.
We have aranged with Chris Chandler (Hastings, MN) to use our clubhouse and pistol range for Permit to Carry and Practical Pistol Instruction. His website is listed below:
If you have people that ask about Permit to Carry (AKA Conceal Carry Permit), you can now refer them to the above website to gather information and register for classes.  Chris has Permit classes scheduled and a Practical Pistol Instruction class also scheduled.

We do get requests from our members, so please be sure to refer people to the website if you hear of any requests.

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